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    For periods without a historic record, attempts have been made to categorize tool kits, pottery styles, and architectural forms into regional timelines.

    Fred armisen dating carrie

    CARRIE BROWNSTEIN: We absolutely made use of that fact. Fred, I'm told you like to act in an obnoxious manner in order to annoy Carrie. In the scenes where we do the show I think I feel like we get the best out of the scene if I annoy Carrie all the way through. I just do stuff where like I think that I'm intelligent and I'm very clearly not. CARRIE BROWNSTEIN: This is real life or on the show? FRED ARMISEN: In real life I'm actually, and I'm not bragging, I'm quite intelligent. FRED ARMISEN; You know, quite -- I meant like on the show. CARRIE BROWNSTEIN: It was a nice discovery, yeah, for both of us. CONAN: He's coming on the show and you're going to make use of the fact that you look like each other? You're in a scene together and you just start saying things you think sound really smart? The one character where I'm just doing a lot of philosophy and a lot of people will notice that many of the trees in this area -- like that kind of like I'm about to go into a lecture. Over dosas on the Upper West Side, Armisen bantered with a steady stream of fans and admirers while discussing the differences between the show’s three seasons, explaining the back story of the year’s best sketches, and exploring the deep connection with his co-star. It had a very different feel from the first two: Longer character arcs, not as Portland-centric, perhaps a little broader-based. We thought, “Let’s get to know the people on the show better, and then let’s have things go from episode to episode.” Mostly because we’re fans of TV. We can wait a year and then we show up.” The thing that brings you back to “Game of Thrones” over and over again, is you have to see the next one. How can we have stories that go all the way through? You’ll see a character and go, “Oh, the show’s back …” It’s like a trick.We thought of shows that we liked and then we copied that. ” Even some weird stories that are a little hard to describe, not as central, little side, weird stories. The milk board was something that was called a pod buster. So they said to us, “We want you to do some of these.” You can take something like that, that seems like a chore, and make it something cool.”So other than “Game of Thrones,” of course, was there anything else behind trying to broaden the approach this season? We did the scene where I play a driver who drives too slow.

    CARRIE BROWNSTEIN: What about when you gave me whip lash in another scene? When you're in drag people start to notice that you look exactly like the actor justin long. So if I just -- CONAN: Doesn't sound like anything that would help people do a scene. Here’s David Letterman being pretty weird towards Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein during an appearance on his show Friday night, obsessively trying to get them to admit to dating each other, even though they’re totally not.This is apparently the first platonic friendship between a man and a woman Letterman has ever seen.

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