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    Patti: The three C’s: communication, chemistry and compatibility. e H: What should we acknowledge about ourselves before getting into a relationship? From my observations, the following dating challenges seem to be common to most smart people. So whether you went (or should have gone) to the likes of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Swarthmore, Amherst, Dartmouth, Brown, Oxford, Cambridge, Berkeley, Penn, Caltech, Duke, read on: 1. Time spent studying, doing homework, and practicing the violin is time not spent doing other things -- like chasing boys or girls, which turns out is fairly instrumental in making you a well-rounded human.

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    There is no concrete proof of the timelines of these three Vedas.

    Commonly accepted chronology is that Yajur Veda and Sama Veda, composed perhaps between 1400 BC and 1100 BC, are older than Atharva Veda which was composed perhaps between 1100 and 900 BC.

    Yajur Veda has reference to fully developed caste systems, considerable advances in art, handicrafts, trade and occupation, which are evidently of much later date of early first millennium.

    The four Vedas Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva are the earliest literatures of mankind.

    The present forms of all the four Vedas didn't take place for sure within these time frames.

    It had taken several more centuries before they would have arrived to the present forms.

    He also annexed the Ghaznavid principality of Lahore in 1186, the last haven of his Persianized rivals.

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    All correspondence between our members takes place through our double-blind system, ensuring your true identity is protected. If you are already registered, click Members Area above and Log In. Never send money to anyone that you do not know well.

    ) was the founder and first ruler of the Shunga Empire in North India.

    Pushyamitra was originally a Senapati "General" of the Maurya Empire.

    Inscriptions of the Shungas have been found as far as the Ayodhya (the Dhanadeva-Ayodhya inscription), and the Asokavadana account of the Divyavadana claims that the Shungas sent an army to persecute Buddhist monks as far as Sakala (Sialkot) in the Punjab region in the northwest: ...

    Pushyamitra equipped a fourfold army, and intending to destroy the Buddhist religion, he went to the Kukkutarama (in Pataliputra). Pushyamitra therefore destroyed the sangharama, killed the monks there, and departed. After some time, he arrived in Sakala, and proclaimed that he would give a ...

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