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    Poland win 2-1Post match conference time The media critisize Mike for everything Let’s be thankful that no one got injured Someone with a chipmunk voice says no one wants to be commentating for Channel 5Lets look at the match and looks at key notes What’s this? England vs Slovenia – D-Day England must win or Turkey qualify No! Turkey have lost 2-0Let’s celebrate with a piss-up in the hot tub NO! Pele can’t see England getting out of their group – This film already predicted out ourcome in Brazil 2014England have Egypt, Mexico and Argentina in their group What’s an Opel? ”Mike calls his wife about Jason Turns out Jason had his eyebrows shaved off because of the result Back home and Karine and Jason are leaving London to stay somewhere else3-1-2-1-2 for Mexico Where are the footballs? without a ball It’s half time at England vs Mexico England are losing 2-0And Mike is giving his team the riot act“England lose 4-0″ – So much for that The Media asks Mike about the game Mike asks The Media if England can beat Argentina Everyone says no Mike then calls everyone a wanker CCTV footage shows Tonkinson kicking a hooker out of his room And Tonkinson’s been dropped.. Time for an meeting with the players Don’t talk about Mexico! It’s the English”The FA Chairman arrives to carm Mike down Well… What are you doing here Ronaldo has no idea who Mike Bassett is Time to face The Media Mike starts the conference by saying that he’s staying as England manager Just blame the anti-depressants Tommo says no one wants Mike as manager Oh!

    Bloody wife taped over match with Ground Force Time for more training while we interview Dave Somewhere in Staffordshire and it’s time for sports performance training… Buy a Hyundai“To be the ball, you must become the ball”FEAR testing wth Wackett Skills with Danny & Deano Who wants to play like Mark Lawrenson? Wackett’s been red carded for attacking a player10 minutes left and it’s still 0-0England have a penalty Smalls to take the penalty and he sails it over the bar It’s all over! Don’t shit in the hot tub Tonkinson Time to record the World Cup song with Atomic Kitten who are one girl down We’ll just add this to the list of bad England songs Welcome to Brazil England meet with Scotland in the airport Here come Ireland – Or England B team Shit! It’s time for the World Cup This film also predicted Skype’s bad connection problem Egypt? It’s England vs Egypt in Match 1 of 3 in their group This games quite boring to watch Even the goalkeeper’s bored The announcer’s so bored he’s playing cards Fans heckle the team as they head back on the coach Fans give Mike some tactics and Mike tells them all to fuck off England fans are riotting about England’s performance What’s Wackett doing in the riots? Why is our assistant manager shopping when we should be training? Mike says his assistant manager is a waste of space And that’s the assistant manager sacked and Mike has a broken nose Mike and Tonkinson chat at the bar That night, Mike strips while drunk dancing on the bar Shit! And Karine’s divorced Mike Mike then quotes Mr Kipling’s “If-”“England will be playing 4-4-fucking-2″Scotland are out of the World Cup And England need to beat Argentina to advance“Two Tribes” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood! [INSERT FOOTAGE OF ENGLAND’S PAST WITH ARGENTINA]Tommo says if England win, he’ll become a bin man Mike makes Massey the new captain England are taking the game to Argentina Wait!

    I used my name, "Mike," because it is one of the most common male names.

    "Smith" worked for my grandparents, who came from Eastern Europe, so I figured it could work for me.

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    In the basins and ranges, they lived in the manner of their ancestors.History says he and his band of warriors were buried here where they fell. The stockmen were murdered in Little High Rock Canyon, 135 miles north of Reno, in January, but their bodies weren't discovered until Feb. Lawmen and cowboys followed the suspects' trail more than 200 miles.A posse caught up with a 12-member Indian band on Feb. In a dry wash north of Golconda, the pursuers began shooting.When the smoke cleared, posse member Ed Hogle was dead and the bodies of four Indian men, two women and two children lay bleeding in the snow.Four Indian children -- ages estimated at 16, 7, 4 and 10 months -- were captured and brought to the Reno jail. Traditionally, the story has been told as a victory of justice over savagery: a tale of noble cowboys and renegade Indians. It makes us uncomfortable."But nothing is sacrosanct."And now, 100 years after what Nevada author Effie Mona Mack called the nation's last Indian battle and the "last chapter of the Old West," history is not at rest.

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