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    Also Read: 10 Warning Signs You Are In A Depressing Relationship A guy who is constantly playing with your mind, should be rejected straightaway. This guy is a mamma’s pet and does not know how to take decisions without consulting her first. As a housewife things were pretty boring until I got Greg to do some plumming for me, well he flushed my pipes out the first day we met, I had orgasm after orgasm, I seem to have a plumming problem every month now! You rent a film expecting more gore or nudity and you get a minute of extended scenes and outtakes that add nothing to the film.

    Dating website for fibromyalgia

    I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, alopecia universalis, hidradenitis suppurativa and mast cell activation syndrome.Other immediate family members have lupus and RA, and branching out we have polymyalgia rheumatica and MS.There is no need to hang on to, listen to, make space for, etc.anyone who is only succeeding in taking up what little energy and time that you have, which you should be spending on making yourself feel good about you and working towards your goals.When you’re chronically ill, you can’t be all dillydallying with time or energy. One of the first rules I learned in Fibro Dating Survival 101 was… I’m not talking about the “no contact” rule to get your ex back or whatever else is taught.I’m talking about No Contact Rule to get yourself back together and keeping yourself physically healthy. I've taken a hot bath, I am trying to relax, yet NOTHING, any suggestions my lovely family?? I know you may not feel like it, but a short walk to stretch the muscles may help. lemonhead, lemonsqueeze, lemonpie, oh forget it i am just goofy now. Endorphins are the best way to relieve pain, that is why some people suggested a short walk. You seem to really want the next dose which tells me that the two doses you have taken already aren't helping. Ellen I wish I had an answer for immediate relief but I don't. -Mel My sweet Lemonhead, I JUST got online and read your sit-che-a-shun. I truly wonder if I do in fact have fibrofrigginalgia after reading some of these painful posts!! What I have done with my pain regarding the epsom salts: pour in a half bottle of hydrogen peroxide. You are truly such a cheery gal to keep everyone's spirits up whenever I come online at night. A long warm soaking bath followed by a nice massage might be the answer, but whatever you can do, I truly do hope you find relief somehow.

    I’ve done a similar list of CFS / ME / FM people on Twitter, but it desperately needs updating as it was done over a year ago.

    Going “no contact” means desisting/stopping/ceasing/refusing to engage with a former date/lover/partner/whatever.

    It doesn’t even have to be about dating, I apply this rule generally to anyone who is toxic in my life. Still, dating is the place where it seems to be most readily applicable.

    If there’s one thing having fibromyalgia has taught me is that I have little patience for bullsh*t: other people’s and my own. I’ve done all sorts of dating over the past 2 decades: blind dating, friend of a friend dating, online dating, club dating, beer goggles dating. I’ve dated men and women, and even some folks who refuse to describe themselves as either. A few years back when I became ill I was in a serious, long-term relationship.

    Fibro has dragged my tolerance bar level down to such a low level that it might as well be considered nonexistent. Eventually that ended and I had to figure out life as a single woman with fibro, especially reentering the dating scene.

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