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    Although we each have our own standards, here are a few of the qualities to look for in a person worth dating: If I’ve learned anything from dating, it’s that we should never change who we are for the sake of being liked by someone else.

    A person who is worthy of your love and your light is a person who is willing to accept you for who you are-mentally, emotionally, physically-and WHERE you are in your life.

    We’ll be talking about mindsets, lifestyle changes and personal development that will help you become your best, most authentic self. Guys raging about how unfair it is that stuck-up hoes will spread their legs for everybody but them, a nice guy who’s just been pushed to the edge. People will pick up on it quickly and start quietly moving to the exits. Carrying these issues around is a very good way of ensuring that you’re going to be single for a very long time.

    These are the changes that will turbo-charge you for the new year… Sometime’s the hate’s directed at women, sometimes at the guys they’re fucking, sometimes at people like me for “enabling” them or not demanding that sluts quit slutting around and fuck these guys who’re so clearly in need. But let me ask you something: how’s all that working out for ya? You may think that nobody could possibly tell how much resentment you’re carrying around or how much anger is currently simmering in your heart. That’s why one of the first steps towards becoming someone worth dating is very simple: you want to get your shit together.

    Pro Tip: If you’re referring to women as sluts, hoes or other colorful insults because they’re not fucking you, you’re pretty much giving up the right to call yourself a nice guy. If you’re carrying around a lot of anger at being single, then you need to learn to offload it. Fitness is a far better goal than trying to reach an arbitrary number, whether it’s on the scale or pants size.

    Strangely enough, women aren’t really extreme, nor is it always as angry or violent. If things were different, you wouldn’t be like this. If being single is causing you to collapse inward like a singularity of self-loathing, then it’s time to learn to cope and break the cycle. Fitness is about your health, and what it does for you, not about your looks.

    It’s a step that many people tend to want to skip, leaping ahead to the part where they learn the secret flirting techniques or things to text to that hottie on Tinder.

    But none of that is going to matter if you’re not at a place in your life where people will to date you.

    Listen to your instincts if you feel smothered by a man’s jealousy.Timing may not always be perfect, and we may sometimes feel that we still want to improve who we are (which is ALWAYS a good thing to be doing!), but if that person is willing to love you despite your imperfections or (perceived) setbacks, they’re probably a keeper.It may not always seem that way, but trust me when I say there is.Chances are that there is someone out there looking for someone with qualities like the ones you have, your infectious laugh, your quirks, and yes-even your flaws.

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