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    Intimidating team names volleyball

    These days, I only play once or twice a year in corporate team events.

    Scared Hitless Hit for Brains Full of Hits Hit-heads Hit-faced Hit-eating grinners Hitlist Hitting bricks Doesn't mean hits Shoot the hits A Case of the Hits Blockheads Block Magic Block Market Blockbusters Two Blocks Away Acme Roofing Hit the Roof Hit-men Hit and Miss The Triple Hits Take a Hit SWAT team Balls out By the Balls Balls in an Uproar The Sandeaters The Sand Slingers The Blazing Sunburns The Bumping Maniacs Tipping maniacs Power tippers Heads in the Sand Way Out We Could Carry Less Carry On Carry (Some) Clout Tender Loving Carry Major Carriers Hit Me Passing Fancy Spiked Punch Set for life Serves you Right Folly for Serve Touch and Go Touched! " "Block Or Bleed" "This Won't Take Long" "No Scrubs" "See Ya" "On Ya" "By Ya" "Sizzle your pits" "Duck Or Bleed" "Tattoo You" LONG/MISC "Six Guys Who Have Never Been in Cliff Clavin's Kitchen" "Floor Essence" (several players had *REALLY* loud outfits) "Knee-B-O" (for teams not washing their kneepads) "We've made better passes in a bar..." "Whiff, Shank, and Throw, Inc." "We can't dig..." "We've seen better digging in a graveyard..." "Bob's Testosterone Hurt Patrol" "Drunk, Stupid, and Clumsy" "We always get it up" "We dig 4-play" (from a 3-woman team with a 4 person roster) "It's gotta be da shoes" "Thinks That Go Bump" "Tinseltown Rebellion Band" (from a Frank Zappa album) "Diggers With Attitudes" "Zjmesj" "Maxi" "The Giraffes" "Upperworld" "Shambles" "Blue Mould" "Leapfrog" "Walk-on" "gosh!

    Flying without a License Vertically Challenged Death at the Net World Domination Pure Energy Dig this... - Best of Breed" "Team (night of week)" "Team (name of league)" "Team World Class" "World Class." "The Home Team" VB NAMES "S*M*A*S*H" "Cheap Spikes and Dinks" "Block Party" "Monster Spikes" "Killer Serves" "Set To Kill" "Air Traffic Control" "All-Net" "Net Results" "Setting Ducks" "Caution: Low Roof" "Diggin' and Swingin'" "Over the top" "Spin Doctors" "Dirty Half Dozen" "Wanted for Malicious Kills" "Slam Dewey" "Death By Bumping" "Bump Uglies" "Bulls Hitters" "Mass Spikes" "Court Jesters" "Arm And Hammer" "Blue Balls" "Net Assets" "Roofers" "Sand Blasters" "Sand Storm" "Six Pack" OBNOXIOUS NAMES "In Your Face" "15-0" "Dig This! " "The Home Team" "2XSF"/"2XSV" "dyskinesia" "Size Matters" "Thrill Seekers" "pandemonium" TEAM SPECIFIC "Net Servers" (play on computer network servers) "Ball Control" (Programmable Logic Controllers?

    DV8 Now Death from Above Vision Quest Lost Boys Bad News Set to Kill Straight Down PLAYS ON SETS/SEX "Safe Sets" "Sets On The Beach" "Sloppy Sets" "We Need Sets" "Joy of Sets" "Will Work For Sets" "Kinky Sets" TRICKY NAMES "Bye" "Forfeit" "Cancelled" "Disqualified" "No Show" "Postponed" "Rescheduled" "Defaults" ALL-STAR NAMES "All-star Wrestling" "B.

    Mia Hamm Famous Quote A great way to build team unity and spirit is to create t-shirts that have a motto with a volleyball clipart image. (team name) volleyball (front) Warning: (team name) are not responsible for lost or damaged pride (back) Practice winning every day!

    These fun t-shirts make your team stand out and can be worn during volleyball practice or pre-match warm-ups.

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