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    Instruction for consolidating corporation returns Free adult erotic webcam voicechat

    Every interest in property, whether real or personal, or any relation thereto, or liability in respect thereof, of such nature that a contemplated peril might directly damnify the insured, is an insurable interest. The Commissioner may authorize other transfers among such accounts, if, in his opinion, such transfer would not be inequitable. Any insurance company which has established one or more separate variable accounts pursuant to the preceding section may invest and re-invest all or any part of the assets allocated to any such account in the securities and investments authorized by sections one hundred ninety-eight, two hundred, two hundred one and two hundred two for any of the funds of an insurance company in such amount or amounts as may be approved by the Commissioner. (1) No insurance company doing business in the Philippines shall refuse, without just cause, to pay or settle claims arising under coverages provided by its policies, nor shall any such company engage in unfair claim settlement practices. The proceeds of a life insurance policy shall be paid immediately upon maturity of the policy, unless such proceeds are made payable in installments or as an annuity, in which case the installments, or annuities shall be paid as they become due: , That in the case of a policy maturing by the death of the insured, the proceeds thereof shall be paid within sixty days after presentation of the claim and filing of the proof of the death of the insured. The Commissioner shall require every insurance company doing business in the Philippines to keep its books, records, accounts and vouchers in such manner that he or his authorized representatives may readily verify its annual statements and ascertain whether the company is solvent and has complied with the provisions of this Code or the circulars, instructions, rulings or decisions of the Commissioner. Such company, as well as such managing person, firm or corporation, shall submit to the examiner all such books, papers and securities as he may require and such examiner shall also have the power to examine the officers of such company under oath touching its business and financial condition, and the authority to transact business in the Philippines of any such company shall be suspended by the Commissioner if such examination is refused and such company shall not thereafter be allowed to transact further business in the Philippines until it has fully complied with the provisions of this section. If the Commissioner is of the opinion upon examination of other evidence that any domestic or foreign insurance company is in an unsound condition, or that it has failed to comply with the provisions of law or regulations obligatory upon it, or that its condition or method of business is such as to render its proceedings hazardous to the public or to its policyholders, or that its paid-up capital stock, in the case of a domestic stock company, or its available cash assets, in the case of a domestic mutual company, or its security deposits, in the case of a foreign company, is impaired or deficient, or that the margin of solvency required of such company is deficient, the Commissioner is authorized to suspend or revoke all certificates of authority granted to such insurance company, its officers and agents, and no new business shall thereafter be done by such company or for such company by its agent in the Philippines while such suspension, revocation or disability continues or until its authority to do business is restored by the Commissioner. If at any time before, or after, the suspension or revocation of the certificate of authority of an insurance company as provided in the preceding title, the Commissioner finds that such company is in a state of continuing inability or unwillingness to maintain a condition of solvency or liquidity deemed adequate to protect the interest of policy holders and creditors, he may appoint a conservator to take charge the assets, liabilities, and the management of such company, collect all moneys and debts due said company and exercise all powers necessary to preserve the assets of said company, reorganize the management thereof, and restore its viability. An interest in property insured must exist when the insurance takes effect, and when the loss occurs, but not exist in the meantime; and interest in the life or health of a person insured must exist when the insurance takes effect, but need not exist thereafter or when the loss occurs. Such transfer, whether into or from a separate account, shall be made by a transfer of cash, or by a transfer of securities having a valuation which could be readily determined in the market place, provided that such transfer of securities is approved by the Commissioner. The Commissioner shall at least once a year and whenever he considers the public interest so demands, cause an examination to be made into the affairs, financial condition and method of business of every insurance company authorized to transact business in the Philippines and of any other person, firm or corporation managing the affairs and/or property of such insurance company. A transfer of interest by one of several partners, joint owners, or owners in common, who are jointly insured, to the others, does not avoid an insurance even though it has been agreed that the insurance shall cease upon an alienation of the thing insured. This contract may also provide benefits or values incidental thereto payable in fixed or variable amounts, or both. Every variable contract form delivered or issued for delivery in the Philippines, and every certified form evidencing variable benefits issued pursuant to any such contract on a group basis, and the application, rider and endorsement forms applicable thereto and used in connection therewith, shall be subject to the prior approval of the Commissioner. Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the assets held in any such separate variable account shall not be chargeable with liabilities arising out of any other business the company conduct but shall be held and applied exclusively for the benefit of the owners or beneficiaries of the variable contracts applicable thereto. Every stipulation in a policy of insurance for the payment of loss whether the person insured has or has not any interest in the property insured, or that the policy shall be received as proof of such interest, and every policy executed by way of gaming or wagering, is void. shall mean any policy or contract on either a group or on an individual basis issued by an insurance company providing for benefits or other contractual payments or values thereunder to vary so as to reflect investment results of any segregated portfolio of investments or of a designated separate account in which amounts received in connection with such contracts shall have been placed and accounted for separately and apart from other investments and accounts. Illustration of benefits payable under any variable contract shall not include or involve projections of past investment experience into the future and shall conform with the rules and regulations promulgated by the Commissioner. The assets and liabilities of each such separate variable account shall at all times be clearly identifiable and distinguishable from the assets and liabilities in all other accounts of the company.

    Moratorium on Certain Data Collection Systems and Data Sets.

    (5) Any reference in this Act to the power of the Minister or the Bank to impose or specify conditions shall include the power of the Minister or the Bank, as the case may be, to amend or revoke any existing conditions or impose any new conditions.

    (3) The Bank may, either generally or in a particular case, appoint a person who is not an officer of the Bank to perform any or all of its functions on behalf of and in the name of the Bank or render such assistance in the performance of its functions under this Act as the Bank may specify. (1) The business and affairs of a prescribed institution shall be managed under the direction and oversight of its board of directors, subject to this Act and any other written law which may be applicable to the prescribed institution.

    Property and Indebtedness and Rental Obligations of Former Component School Districts.

    Filing Copy of Action Creating New District, or Affecting Fourth Class District, with Superintendent of Public Instruction. Approval or Disapproval of Creation or Change of Third or Fourth Class Districts.

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