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    You're really going to have to play it for a year or two and see for yourself.

    -- "Fatal Distractions" by David Gerrold The Dev Team would like to welcome its latest members.

    Our pet dog is one of the Top Ten Videogame Sidekicks. Dudley's dungeon, a web comic BBspot on Net Hack: New ATI Card Pushes Limits in ASCII Gaming The USENET Oracle contemplates encountering a woodchuck The USENET Oracle contemplates the amulet The USENET Oracle contemplates stairs The USENET Oracle contemplates sacrifice The USENET Oracle contemplates coping with loss The USENET Oracle contemplates Net Hack in Denver The USENET Oracle contemplates the greatness of Net Hack Net Hack in the comics at User Friendly: Cartoon for May 20, 2006 Cartoon for May 22, 2006 Cartoon for May 23, 2006 Cartoon for May 24, 2006 Cartoon for May 25, 2006 Cartoon for May 26, 2006 Cartoon for May 27, 2006 Cartoon for May 29, 2006 Cartoon for May 30, 2006 Cartoon for May 31, 2006 Cartoon for June 1, 2006 Cartoon for September 7, 2002 Cartoon for May 1, 2002 Cartoon for May 2, 2002 Cartoon for May 3, 2002 Cartoon for May 4, 2002 Cartoon for May 6, 2002 Cartoon for May 7, 2002 Cartoon for May 8, 2002 Cartoon for May 9, 2002 Cartoon for April 12, 2002 Net Hack makes techtv's list of https://web.archive.org/web/20020604185956/ Internet Games Backhanded compliment of the month award: ignpsx's review of Darkstone: Gamespy.com's "The History of Computer Games" continues with Worlds in Boxes - and Net Hack gets another mention.

    Gamespot.com: Unsung Heroes - Net Hack Gamespy.com: Net Hack is simply an anomaly...

    For example, the tiny bit of cognitive overhead it takes someone to realize that My guess is that you've found some sample code written for Python 2.x, where you can convert between byte strings and Unicode strings just by calling the appropriate constructors, without specifying an encoding, which would default to Sorry, pressed Return.

    I tried Qwerty = json.loads(FCData) and got error message "Type Error: the JSON object must be str, not 'bytes'".

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    I have succeeded in downloading the JSON datafile from the MET Office, and now I want to extract the info I need.I still need to get the info out of the file though.(NB I have used Microsoft Visual Basic for Excel a bit, which is where I got the STR ideas from).I can do this by converting the file to a string and using import urllib.request import json #Comment: THIS IS THE CALL TO GET THE MET OFFICE FILE FROM THE INTERNET #Comment: **** = my personal met office API key, which I had better keep to myself response = urllib.request.urlopen('res=3hourly&key=****') FCData = response.read() FCData Str = str(FCData) #Comment: END OF THE CALL TO GET MET OFFICE FILE FROM THE INTERNET #Comment: Example of data extraction Ch Pos = FCData Str.find('"DV"') #Find "DV" Ch Pos = FCData Str.find('"data Date"', Ch Pos, Ch Pos 50) #Find "data Date" File Data Date = FCData Str[Ch Pos 12: Ch Pos 22] #Extract the date of the file #Comment: And so on As a side note, unless you have a good reason for doing otherwise (e.g., to fit in with an ecosystem with its own coding style), it's usually better to use PEP 8 style for Python code, especially code you may need to ask for help with on Stack Overflow, python-list, etc.

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